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Corporate Video Productions

Corporate video production is one of the best ways to publicize your brand. At RAD PRODUCTIONS FILM

we make Corporate Videos, always adjusting to the needs of each client, taking into account the budget and their objectives. We have all the technical equipment to carry out the entire audiovisual production process of the Corporate Video.

At RAD PRODUCTIONS FILM we are always up to date with audiovisual technology. We have 4k cameras and cinematographic lenses that offer us cinema quality. We also have different devices that allow us to give dynamism to the video through movement. With drones, we can record from unreachable places and get spectacular aerial views. We carry out all kinds of audiovisual productions aimed at companies: corporate videos, film production, institutional videos, advertising productions, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and events. We can even complement this work with our corporate photography services.

Process of a Corporate Video

1 – Determine a need to make a corporate video

The topic and application of potential video production should be investigated to determine if the usefulness of the video justifies the expense of production. Will video be profitable?

2 – Target audience

The target audience must be identified and researched for the information in the video to be presented effectively.

3 – Prepare and define

The writer should research the process or product to be presented and describe the points that need to be covered.

4 – Pre-production meeting

At this meeting, everyone involved in the production process reviews the outline and gives the writer information on how to present the theme on video.

5 – Prepare a script

The writer should consult regularly with the video production staff to confirm that the scenes contained in the script are technically possible. The writer should also consult with the end-users of the video for input. The people who will present the video to the target audience will have useful information about the type of presentation that the audience will be most receptive to.

6 – Pre-production meeting or video call

At this meeting, the script is reviewed and revisions are made.

7 – Prepare a storyboard

Storyboards are used to help visualize production and contain a series of framed illustrations, each with a scene number identifier and a couple of lines of description.

8 – Pre-production meeting or video call

In this meeting, the storyboard is analyzed for visual ideas, continuity, flow, and basic plot. On the basis of the storyboard, final adjustments are made to the script.

9 – Schedule recording locations

On-location shooting should be scheduled as soon as possible due to the potential for delays due to variables such as weather. Locations should also be scouted in advance to plan the staging and determine any special needs.

10 – Gather the necessary visuals

This includes shooting images and getting images, graphics, and animations from other sources to follow our 10 steps to making a corporate video.

11 – Post-production meeting or video call

Present at this meeting is the people involved in the production and the people who will give final approval to the finished video. After reviewing the collected content, final revisions are made to the script and post-production begins.

12 – Record the narration

Make sure the voice over is the right one for your project. The dynamism or seriousness, deep or youthful and feminine or masculine voice.

13 – Prepare a final edition

Review the final edit of the video many times and make sure it is what you were looking for, but more importantly what will work for your company.

14 – Present the final edition to a test audience

The finished video is presented to a group of people who are not familiar with the production for the entry. This helps predict the presentation.

15 – Schedule a post-production meeting

The final edit is reviewed and approved or updated by the appropriate personnel at this meeting.

Why make a corporate video?

In a network saturated with texts and images, video is a way of standing out from every day and thus making a difference. Betting on including audiovisual content on your website means giving your company a voice and image, attracting the attention of your customers and giving an extra point of trust that benefits the sale.

The total production of the shoot falls into the hands of RAD PRODUCTIONS FILM

, where we work with experienced scriptwriters, professional actors, camera operators, announcers with a golden voice or crazy creatives among others. All united to achieve a successful shoot.

Do you need a corporate video? At RAD Production Film we have the right professionals for the conceptualization and production of corporate videos in South Africa. We are one of the few film production companies that combine: creativity, production and dissemination for your videos.

Why hire our Corporate Video service?

increased visibility

These types of videos increase visibility on the internet and facilitate the arrival of your business to final consumers.

Boost branding

You will be able to enhance the branding of your entity by improving the brand of your business. You will communicate and define your identity.

Inspire Confidence

By showing the face of your business, you humanize it. You will generate and inspire trust in your customers with absolute ease.

Commercial Value

A Corporate Video has a greater conversion power due to its visual impact. It will help you attract new customers.

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