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Best Film Production Companies South Africa

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Best Film Production Companies South Africa is Africa's second-largest economy and one of the world's fastest-growing regions. The birth and expansion of commercial production firms in South Africa, together with supportive government policies regarding foreign investments, is one of the causes for its rise.

Best Film Production Companies South Africa

Video Production Companies Gauteng

Video Production companies are in high demand in Gauteng (South Africa), where the production of video is a skill which is being developed. In South Africa, all creative industries have seen notable growth, particularly in the past five years. Here are some of the best companies to engage the services of if you wish to expand your businesses and look for innovative solutions.

Music Video Productions

If you wish to record Music Video Productions in South Africa, then you are in the right place as we have the experienced crew that will come up with the best quality of work at affordable prices. We are a trusted name in the music video production business. To know more about our experienced team and services, please visit our website at About Us: The Professional Video Production Company, listed among the most reputable music video production company in South Africa has worked with a wide range of top international names. They have been providing quality services to film producers, directors, musicians, music studios, film production, corporate video productions, independent music labels and music rights holders. Live Theatre and Event Production Live theatre production is an amazing and exciting experience.

The report aims to provide both primary data as well as a comprehensive assessment of the trends in the South African film production market over the years 2012-2017 and key insights on the various factors driving the market as well as the restraints, drivers and opportunities. In addition, the report also provides an overview of the various strategies of the key players in the market and also provides their product offerings and SWOT analysis.

Corporate Video Productions

The development of corporate best film production companies South Africa came about in the mid-1980s when the technology of film making began to advance and diversify. By 1985, the Department of Trade and Industry introduced a series of production incentives, mainly for television productions. The production of local corporate videos changed South Africa’s commercial productions landscape forever and has become one of the major sectors of the South African creative industry Corporate video production in South Africa is divided into different sub-sectors. These include corporate video production, cultural video production, sports/entertainment video production and events video production. Each of these categories has sub-sectors that are specifically geared toward the needs of the industry.

Corporate Video Productions has been in business for over 15 years and is proudly owned by Rad Production, a seasoned commercial video producer. His exceptional leadership skills, experience, and skills have made Corporate Video Productions one of the most promising video production companies in South Africa studio facilities, motion graphics, film production and music video productions. The company was formed in 2005 by Rogerio de Oliveira. The company provides film production services to its clients. Based in Gauteng, Rad Production has creative directors in Johannesburg and incorporates video services as well as animation.

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