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Film Production Company in Gauteng

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Film Production Company in Gauteng

Film Production Company in Gauteng

Welcome to RAD Productions Film, your first choice for film production company in Gauteng, South Africa. With offices in Johannesburg and Gauteng, RAD productions film services the entire region, bringing together a team of highly qualified specialists who can handle any feature film, commercial or television production, or music video production need.

When you need production services that fulfill high-quality standards, RAD productions film is the obvious choice. We provide a comprehensive set of film production services, from pre-production costing and scheduling through payroll administration and post-production supplier cooperation, all customized to match your individual needs. Our local knowledge is unrivalled, and we can provide access to some of South Africa's most beautiful spots, with both rural and urban settings easily accessible.

Spend some time looking over our complete list of services and learning more about the South African film business. Contact us immediately and one of our representatives will be pleased to discuss the advantages of collaborating!

It’s All About The Incentives

Incentives are available for foreign film and television production companies interested in shooting on location in South Africa. This includes both Film Production Company in Gauteng and post-production incentives. For more information, please visit the RAD Productions Film website.

Filming Advantages

We'll be pleased to discuss the various benefits of filming here with national film production firms and producers, some of which include:

• A large range of supplementary services are available at a low cost.

• Consistent weather

We work with your budget at RAD productions film. We've put in place a one-of-a-kind variable quotation system that allows you to make your own decisions. Whether you choose our Premium, Standard, or Budget options, we can adjust our quotes to fit your budget while still keeping the highest level of production quality.

From multi-award-winning directors and producers to cinematographers, camera operators, editors, and animators, RAD productions film is made up of a youthful, extremely skilled team of experts in their disciplines. Every member of our team is aware of the uncompromising standard of quality that RAD productions represent, and while it is critical for us to ensure client satisfaction with every project we deliver, it is also critical that every project we release meets our company standards in order to maintain our national reputation as one of South Africa's leading film production companies.

Our team of industry specialists will execute your production to world-class standards, from concept to completion, using the most up-to-date state-of-the-art technology. We have perfected the art of motion picture and storytelling across all genres and platforms, from brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, and pre-production all the way through production and post-production. What distinguishes RAD productions film from all other video production companies in Gauteng is our intrinsic ability to create emotionally compelling content that keeps audiences interested or motivates them to act.

When looking for a video production firm, it's usually a good idea to keep everything under one roof rather than relying on numerous separate providers to come to the table and deliver across different genres of video production. By providing such a wide range of services, the RAD productions film team is able to handle every part of the project, giving clients peace of mind that they will only have to deal with one point of contact and obtain a high-quality final product.

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