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The Post Production Process

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

South African Film Production Companies

South African Film Production Companies At RAD Productions Film, we strive to make the film production process more accessible for our clients to understand. With this blog, we explain the Post Production Stage of Film Production.

Editing your film project occurs in the Post Production leg of the film production process. The Post Production Process is where all the elements are fused to create the final film project. There are several stages to the Post Production Process.

Film Production Companies in South Africa

We will focus on the five major stages;

1) Preparation

2) Off-Line

3) On-Line

4) Final Mix

5) Final Cut

Firstly, we have the Preparation Stage. The raw footage is made ready for the editing process in our shooting. Then we have the stage known as Off-Line Edit. The Off-Line Edit is where the raw footage is selected and placed in the correct timelines in the editing software. Once the Off-Line is in place, the On-Line process will commence. The On-Line process is where Music, Special Effects, Voice Overs, Colour Grading and more, are added to the project.

Then, we have the Final Mix Stage. In our store, where the audio is mixed and mastered.

This process is the final mix sent to its relevant distribution channels. The final stage is known as the Final Cut.

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