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Tips for Corporate Video Productions

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Tips for corporate video production

The production of videos for companies is increasingly necessary nowadays, as the digital world requires it; as we mentioned in our post, what is corporate video productions ? It is a powerful tool capable of persuading and communicating a message more efficiently. That's the reason why making corporate videos must be planned to meet a series of particular communication, sales and marketing objectives.

So that you can produce an appropriate video with quality content, we recommend that you follow the following steps:


Decide what you want to project through your corporate video. Ask yourself what message you want to communicate, to whom it is addressed, and how you translate it. This stage is essential; the other processes will be easier to execute if you have the idea.


Synthesizing the information you want to include within your corporate video is transcendental. Most people do not have the time to watch videos. That is why they prefer those that are short. When the audiovisual production is extensive, the viewer gradually loses interest in watching it.

The recommended duration is usually between 2 and 5 minutes for a corporate video.

Define the type of video you want to make

When you set the goals you want to achieve, you can decide what kind of video you will make. There is indeed a great variety: tutorials, informative, demonstrative, testimonials, etc., but you must choose the one that best suits your needs. For this stage, you must consider your company's corporate image.


The company's video does not necessarily have to be saturated with words, as long as the images used help to complement the message; that is why you should try to be brief and concise. To generate a more significant impact on people, you can use short phrases that broadly express the essence of your company.


Choose a voice that meets the personality and corporate identity and image that meets expectations and, of course, the necessary quality to represent the message you want to share. We suggest you enter into agreements with professionals in the field.

Background music

You can add more potential to your corporate video productions with good background music. When you choose the music, make sure it is free of copyright, although you can also choose to pay the rights of use and exploitation of the musical work, according to your objectives.

Eye! Avoid using familiar songs, they could detract from your message.

Record in high definition

Suppose your company is going to use audiovisual material as its cover letter. In that case, it is recommended that the recordings be made at least in Full HD (High Definition) format to transmit it in the highest resolution and give people a more professional image of your work. From this resolution, you will be able to adapt your product in the size and weight you need according to your distribution or transmission channel. Take into account that the Full HD format is transitory towards 4K and 5K (4 and 5 times higher than HD).

Internet and social networks

They are the most used mechanisms to spread a message, especially a video since videos on social networks are very well accepted. You can share it on a web page, on platforms such as YouTube, or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, among others.

Corporate Video Productions must be able to be disseminated on social networks. This is to share the general vision of the organizations or even classify it in different communication units to strengthen the scope and precision of the different corporate messages. It is also extremely important to consider this work as a fundamental part of the digital communication strategy of companies since corporate videos on our social networks optimize search and contribute to the positioning of brands within the web.

Approach a good audiovisual production company

Look for people trained and specialized in producing corporate videos, who fit the budget assigned for the job you are asking for, but above all, who ensure excellent results. Ideally, you can see some of the previous work they have done, check their work portfolio.

Companies widely use corporate videos because they have specific reasons to produce them. If you want to know more about the subject, we suggest you read our entry Reasons to have a corporate video; you'll understand how you can help.

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